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We are extremely thankful to our visitors who appreciated the exhibition with their kind words.

The 6th edition of the show has turned out to be good, it has got more spacious these time with new product range. Exhibitors and retailers are also loving it. The Rajasthani theme is pleasing and elegantly erected.

- Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers

JTGJS is a very good platform for retailers in terms of products which available at the show. The theme is also looking very good this time.

- Ram, NeelkanthJewellers, Bangalore

I appreciate the efforts of the organisers of JTGJS to continue hosting show with innovative creations every edition and theme just adds-on to the exuberance of the exhibition.

- Mohammed Kaiser, Pure Zara Jewellery LLC, Dubai

The 6th edition has turned out to be very good with such elegant theme and hospitality that is beyond comparison.

- Jayantilal Challani, President of MJDMA

Its a new year, and show looks new with better exhibitors and theme this edition. As the industry is adapting to changes in the industry, I wish the industry also learns to grow with the changes.

- Mr. Anand Ananthapadmanabhan, Managing Director of GRT Jewellers

JTGJS is our fraternity event, I congratulate Govind (Verma) for hosting such a wonderful show just before the wedding season and Gudi Padwa. This is a platform to learn from each other, all stalwarts are here together under one roof. I wish the show keeps going higher and someday it hosts international shows too!

- Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of PNG Jewellers

The 6th edition is going well. I am loving it and it is far better than the exhibitions at the NSE Grounds for there is lot of feel-good factor about attending an exhibition at a 5-star hotel. Security checks are simple compared to getting bothered more than one time at NSE Ground. The services and refreshments served at JTGJS energize to get going with the business.

- Mr. Mohan Sachdeva from Bangkok

JTGJS is one of the best B2B shows and I would personally invite all my members to avail this opportunity to see such huge variety all under one roof. Entire JTGJS team is doing good job and I wish them every success in upcoming editions.

- Mr. Rajendra Odhekar, President of Nashik Jewellers Association

We have been visiting the show for the past two years and we are regular buyers too at JTGJS. Every edition, we see new innovative launches that are very appealing to retailers like us. The show is very good and gracious.

- Mr. Balaji Sukumar, Managing Partner, Navaneetha Thanga Maaligai, Trichy

I am visiting the show for 2nd time and I see good variants of the product. Though antique jewellery dominates at the show, designs are novel and unique and theme makes it even more special. I am looking forward to visit the upcoming shows as well.

- Sachin Khanna, Radhika Jewellers, New Delhi